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a lot of friends who are running or training for iron three will suffer from pain or severe pain due to long-term training. If they are serious, they will not be able to continue to practice or compete. It is absolutely a pity for the runners who have spent so much time training.
How can
achieve its training objectives and not encounter any sports injuries? I believe it is the answer that many people want. Through the rich experience of Taiwan's famous Triathlon coach, Mr. Xu Guofeng, we share the correct training concept with you.

Xu Guofeng said no harm to the training is a favorite sport of friends can look forward to, but often in reality we still often encounter sports injury, he offered the analogy every player's muscles, like a car of the hardware, and the fitness is like a car engine with excellent energy the energy is absolutely every pursuit of speed running goal, but how will the existing energy to maximize the efficiency of the coming ascension through effective training, so he has to emphasize learning skills and training of the running practice of knowledge's practice, important absolutely with simple physical training like running.
Xu Guofeng as an example, training and strengthening the popliteal bladder, can make running more efficiently, but also because of muscle strength to use more economical, contribute to a better performance in the game, so we usually are ma Ke Cao (Ma Kecao, by one called Mark (Luo Jie? Jalo Mark) invented by people. The economic running posture is divided into numerous basic single actions, which is a basic exercise for track and field exercises. The exercises of heel and hip kick are used to train the effort needed for running.
Stretch and the surrounding muscles using
when running the hip, but also can strengthen the focus especially in iron three training, such as static stretching lunge, is an effective way to stretch the hip at the same time, can also try, collocation upper limb weight-bearing stepped dynamic tensile single foot function training is more useful and interesting training methods of deformation. As for the training of the peripheral muscles of the hip, the hip joint and the thigh muscles can be trained by the Squat movement. At the same time, it also moves to the three major joints of the lower extremities. Besides lifting muscle strength, these exercises can be done on the day of rest, besides not excessive physical exertion, it can also increase the softness of the body. (global iron three)

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