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What's the most difficult time to do?

in the long run, the runner will experience a very difficult period, some people call it "midway panic." In a half horse race, seventh miles (about 9.66-11.3km) is often the hardest. Jesse ·, the American runner and running coach, Underhill summed up 5 ways to beat "midway panic" in his own running experience.

Jesse, who graduated from the Institute of comprehensive nutrition, has a master's degree in sports science and health promotion, and is a UESCA certified running coach. In running training, her most annoying thing is the "seventh mile"! Through long-term observation and experience, she summed up the 5 solutions to the negative state of the body and spirit in the course of running:

1, always focusing on the next fountain.

has been thinking about the next fountain and the next fountain. In the case of 99%, she knew that at least she could run to the next fountain.

2, think of the rest of the mileage.

think about how good it feels when it's only 2-4 miles (about 3.22-6.44km). After all, only 4 miles (about 6.44km) is much better than a 10 mile (about 16.1km) left.

3, stop eating something better.

, of course, gel doesn't taste good, but during the most difficult time of running, it stops to eat a salty chocolate flavored gel. It feels like a kind of treatment and a kind of enjoyment.

4, talk to running partners about other topics other than running.

when the body and body focus on experiencing a feeling of pain, it is time to shift attention to other directions.

5, you can meditate when running alone.
runs alone, there's no chatting partner, then try to get into the running meditation at a time of pain. Count the frequency of your footsteps or breathing, or just say "breathe in, breathe out" to yourself.

the next time we go through the "midway panic", you can try Jesse's way. Is it easy?

(Sina running moonlight)
scavenging is concerned about Sina running, and all you want is here.
In the first few days of the Xiamen marathon, the micro-blog (micro-blog) ran easy and reached the national standard for the two level. A picture of a pair of running shoes and two medals was sent in the WeChat circle.

written / Beijing News reporter Tian Xinxin

January 5th, CCTV host to Scarlett WeChat in his circle of friends made a photo, it is a pair of shoes and two new medals, and issued a text: "from June 2013 until the day before yesterday, Ma, to accompany me a total of 935 kilometers, the only time they retired after 42.195 kilometers in Xiamen. These two new medals, as the best compliment, prove that they are the best showcases. P.S. When they leave them, they are still crying... "

is a casual chance to get into running

used to play basketball before, and he played with the players for two hours every Friday. In the last two years, he turned from a basketball enthusiast to a runner, and even sold his car and insisted on running to work because he loved it. In the past two years, he has run 14 whole marathons. In the previous days' Xiamen marathon race, Yu Jia, 34 years old, ran into 3 hours and 10 minutes and ranked among the two level athletes in the country.
a chance to participate in the organization's colleague Scarlett Shatong "Bei Ma Mini run event, relied on their own often play basketball foundation, he did not consider how to run, from Tiananmen to fuxingmennei, a total of 4.2 kilometers, to Scarlett ran on the addiction. Since then, jogging has entered into Jia's life. No matter he goes to work or attend some activities, he even visits his mother in the hospital. Whenever he has time, he uses two feet to measure the distance between two points. "Countless times of road running, let me finally find that the city where I was born and grew up is actually living in my life, rooted and sprouting, blossom and bear fruit."

speeds up the six major events with two
The first marathon at
was completed in the North horse, it was 2012. In the past two years, he ran through four marathons in Berlin, Boston, Chicago and New York. In 2015, Yu Jia's goal was to finish the other two of the six marathons -- Tokyo and London. "In the past two years, I have been running almost every day, but I am very casual. Because of my heavy workload, I don't want to run to become an extra pressure of life, and the marathon has always been a self help way for me to settle down from impetuosity and feel comfortable.

"running is a very honest project, how much effort you have paid, and how much reward you have to do." Yu Jia believes that in the next five years, running will become the first sport in China. "First, its threshold is relatively low. The number of second participants can be very special, and there is no limit on how many meters to run. Yao Ming was able to get into the running army, a push for running. And it's easy to run, and to the public.

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