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At 23:10 yesterday, the puppy Gobi lost for more than ten days was finally found.
In order to find the
with their marathon dog Gobi, a British man Dean Leonardo (DionLenoard), even in Urumqi street, asking passers-by, posted notices, fortunately, yesterday at 23:10 PM, lost ten days and finally found the puppy Gobi.

Dean Leonardo (hereinafter referred to as Dean) is the ultimate marathon runner. When he participated in the Gobi Long March super marathon in Xinjiang in June this year, a stray dog ran the whole race with him. At the end of the game, Dean and the puppy set up a deep feeling and were ready to go through the formalities to bring the puppy back to the UK. But then, foster in Urumqi friend's dog was lost. In order to find a dog, Dean returned to Xinjiang in August 21st. (the A14 edition of this newspaper reported in August 22nd). The story of Dean and Gobi editions, CCTV,, and even foreign media have forwarded, caused the attention of many Internet users.

11 pm yesterday, the reporter saw Dean, he and Xu Lei have been friends Ms. Lu and volunteers from the point of view of happiness Garden City, along the Grand Bay Road, looking for nearly 1 hours.

Ms. Lu told reporters, in order to find the Gobi, she printed 10 thousand copies of advertisement has been issued, the two day and the more than 5000 copies printed.

"Thankyou!" Thank you! " Every time he meets a pedestrian, Dean will pass on a dog - finding message with a Gobi picture and thank it in less standard Chinese.

, "because we have received many clues about Gobi in recent days, because there are many volunteers who are willing to help us find it. Ms. Lu said that at present, 15 volunteers have Urumqi, Changji and other places of the initiative to contact her.

Xu Lei is from New Oriental School of English. She told reporters that she was moved by the story of Dean and Gobi. He was worried that Dean had contacted with Ms. Lu because of increased difficulty in language barrier. He helped to find out and acted as translator.

"volunteers are very enthusiastic, and every day in the streets to pedestrians and shops to find a dog." In the conversation, Ms. Lu received a telephone call from the volunteer Ma Lan. Ma Lan said the announcement had been done, and some were also received.

in the Jade Road, "fat brother barbecue" the clerk listen to Dean tells the story of Gobi after that, every night there is a lot of stray dogs in the vicinity looking for ground meat bones to eat, to see if the Gobi must first notify him.

17 ended the day's search. Dean returned to the hotel. The reporter walked on at least 10 kilometers on the same day, according to the statistics software with GPS function.

"a lot of people don't understand why I want to come to find a dog myself." Dean said, in his view, Gobi>

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Photographer / Yoho
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